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Hyrib Permanent Formwork

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Quick Overview

Hyrib is a galvanized permanent shuttering system with a unique design incorporating mesh and roll formed ribs. This system retains poured concrete and achieves a significant reduction in the pressure of concrete normally associated with conventional formwork. It can be placed before reinforcing rods which are installed after by piercing them through the mesh area in the Hy-rib. This light and versatile product can be cut and bent to shape, therefore suiting may applications and can be fitted in less time than traditional formwork. The advantages of Hyrib are that no stripping or preparation work to the joint is necessary before bonding to any adjacent pour. Also if reinforcement is in place it will allow continuation of fixing without a break. Hyrib applications include construction joints, stop ends and retaining walls where the surface finish to the concrete is not important but is also suitable for installation in water retaining structures and is recommended for use with water bars.